Debbie Hanrahan

I'm BANing a Bad Habit this January

Oysters aren’t the only fruit

Did you know oysters don’t have any added sugar? 

In the list of things that are ok to eat when banning sugar, I’m down with fresh oysters!

This week I spent in Orange with Mum. I get to do this because she survived her cancer. 

There are new Quest apartments being built in Orange and Mum said that it would be great for people coming to Town for cancer treatment. I said I thought the Cancer Care West Lodge was built for that purpose but apparently it is always 100% full. They even did extensions and it’s still to capacity.

Obviously there are a lot of people who have various cancers and the need for help is huge. I think those in country areas are in the most need. That’s why this month staring the new year is all about putting money where my mouth usually goes. 

Mum chipped in $50 this week to help towards my goal. Salute to survivors who keep giving back!

Things that don’t have sugar

Did you know that after Christmas the Lindt Chocolate shop in Macquarie bundles up all the unsold Christmas chocolate and sells big bags of them really cheap? 

I didn’t either! If my ban on sugar was just a diet thing I would be eating it right now but I’m doing this for a cause so I am being very strict. 

Nothing tastes as good as a cure for cancer would!

I’ve found some good food like oysters (sugar free treat anyone?) and on a more day to day level- sugar free yoghurt for dessert with fruit (natural sugar was never on my banned list).

I had some good support the day I started in regards to fund raising but I need to try a bit harder in the coming weeks if I’m to make my goal.

I know so many people who watched others go through cancer so I’m hoping they will be as motivated as I am to do something this year! 


Fingers crossed! 

My Story

I was 14 when I watched my mother battle breast cancer. I lost my dad to lung cancer. I lost a school friend to a brain tumour and now even my students are fighting this disease. 

I am going to give up some of the sweet stuff for BANuary because the Cancer Council supports research into ALL cancers, not just the popular ones!

For the whole of January I am saying goodbye to the white gold! No sugar unless it was put there by nature (one has to have Mangoes in Summer!). 

For those of you who know me this will be a superhuman achievement, so I think it should be worth a few dollars just so you can watch me cry over unopened chocolate!

I might end up lowering my own cancer risks but my aim is to make sure others are given a better chance at success when it comes to banning cancer.

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Debbie Hanrahan



You can do this Deb. You are such an inspiration to so many people.


Ann Palmer

Deb, my Sydney family will be ever thankful to you and your beautiful Orange family. Go girl. X


Sim Maci

If we were all as thoughtful as you, we’d have a much better world.




Bernadette & Donogh

Mary Poppins got it wrong! A spoonfull of sugar is the reason why the medicine needs to down.


Stephen Macnamara


Carmel Hanrahan


Mary K.


Anonymous J


Kylie Pethybridge

Go Debbie! You never know, after a month you may not even want the chocolates any more! (In which case, my postal address is....)


Cath Rogers

Well done Debbie!! YOU are very inspiring!


Deborah Marsden

Well done Deb!


Bev & David Pittman

Deb This is a very worthwhile cause and we wish you every success. Good luck


Bev & David Pittman

This completes our donation amount. Go for it Deb!!


Anna Prout

Good on you Deb!!!


Mark Holden