Chip on our shoulders

Our Story - cousins who love chips.

Basically we love chips.

In January, we are going to be chip-free - the others might go all snacks, or something else equally tasty - although what beats chips? I thought so. NOTHING!

Yes I hope it'll benefit my waistline, but moreover I hope any funds we raise can go to the dedicated scientists, staff and volunteers of the Cancer Council to find a cure to beat cancer.

Join my team, donate or just do something different and volunteer to start off your 2019 the right way.  

Without chips, Vy

Thank you to our Sponsors


Melissa Watt

Good on you lovely xxx


Anh Dang


Vy Tran

Getting the donations started - Thank U, Next!


Kathy Pham

Go Vy and Vinh!


Anh Dao


Phi Mears


Tash Gouw

You enjoy ALL the chips once completed ! Good on you burgs I know I couldn’t do it.